We collaborate with the client to design and build under a single contract. Each approved set of plans receives a thorough review prior to starting construction. We begin with a pre-construction team meeting consisting of the architect, project executive, and project manager. This allows all internal team members to collaborate and get on the same page regarding how to advance the project.

Once we have completed our pre-construction review, we establish a schedule for the client. Our transparency is made easier with our interactive cloud-based project management platform, Co-Construct. It allows the client to follow along in real time the progress of their project.

We have successfully completed projects from parks and recreation centers, medical suites, restraints, custom single-family homes, multi-family dwellings, school, and interior renovations of government facilities, and houses.

Once the project is complete we manage our own warranty matters. We have a dedicated team that is able to rapidly respond to calls.  Also, our own team is trained by us and will maintain the integrity of our product.